The Woodlot was built in the 1950s to add another cottage for a growing family next to a cottage that sits one lot south. The two properties are connected by a foot-bridge and share access to a parking area in front of the Woodlot. The cottage has now been in continuous use by five generations of the same family and each year it is shared with the public as a vacation retreat destination, small workshop venue and beautiful outdoor wedding location. The current owners are sisters who are grandchildren of the builders and grew up in the area enjoying the cottage; they are Margaret, Robin, Susan and Polly. The Blakney sisters love to share the enjoyment the cottage brings them and they look forward to having their guests experience the same magic moments they grew up with including swimming, sailing, fishing, canoeing, hiking, cooking meals together, sitting under the stars, gathering around an open fire, or drying off in front of the wood stove.

Margaret, Robin, Susan and Polly