The Woodlot is our family cottage on Skaneateles Lake, located in central New York state.

The camp is available for rental from Spring to Fall (usually April through September).

Use this site to take a tour of our camp and get information about rental availability, pricing and features. There are links to more pictures and information on the navigation banner above.

8 Responses to Welcome

  1. We are interested in renting your lovely home. Would love to get in touch–left a voicemail, but didn’t know if email might be better. Thanks!

  2. Calendar of availability is current. First week of August is still available it starts on Sunday July 30.

  3. Judith Watkins Tartt says:

    I staying at Woodlot is wonderful! We had a great conference. Judith Tartt

  4. Yes pet friendly. $75 extra per week
    Discount for more than 2 consecutive weeks negotiable

  5. Occasionally with advance notice and when not occupied by family. Not winterized, only heat from wood stove.

  6. Scott Wilson says:

    how do we find the 2018 availability

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